Organisation chart

The Managing Board represents the association externally and controls the activities of the association and the entire research campus together with the Board of Trustees and the General Assembly. Along with the Board of Trustees, it is responsible for coordination and strategy development and reviews the implementation of the IP policies and guidelines for use. The Managing Board is supported by two medical advisors. As a supervisory committee, the Board of Trustees sets the policies and is also responsible for campus development in addition to management of the association. The General Assembly offers all members a platform for the presentation and expression of their interests. The Professional Advisory Council advises the association on scientific and business matters. An ad hoc review committee is used for independent project evaluation. It is composed of experts in the respective project topics who conduct a preliminary evaluation of the submitted projects. The office is the central contact for all partners, members and interested parties. It is responsible for communication, management and public relations.

Managing Board

The managing board and the medical advisors of InfecoGnostics (left to right): Michael Bauer, Mathias Pletz, Bettina Löffler, Jürgen Popp and Ralf Ehricht

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Popp
Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology

Prof. Dr. Michael Bauer
University Hospital Jena

Dr. Ralf Ehricht
Abbott (Alere Technologies GmbH)

The Board members are unpaid in accordance with the bylaws.

The Board are expertly advised by Prof. Dr. Mathias Pletz and Prof. Dr. Bettina Löffler, both from the University Hospital Jena.

Board of Trustees

Prof. Dr. Steffen Teichert
Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences Jena

Prof. Dr. Volker Deckert
Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Heinzel
Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hochhaus (chairperson)
University Hospital Jena

Carsten Buenning
Abbott (Alere Technologies GmbH)

Eugen Ermantraut
Blink AG

Thomas Moore
Analytik Jena AG

Elke Jäcksch
Leibniz Institute for Natural Products Research and Infection Biology –
Hans Knöll Institute

The Council members are unpaid in accordance with the bylaws.

Professional Advisory Council

Prof. Dr. Isabelle Bekeredjian-Ding
Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, Langen

Prof. Dr. Iris F. Chaberny
Institute of Hygiene, Hospital Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, University Leipzig

Prof. Dr. Heinz Günther Fehrenbach
Research Center Borstel - Leibniz Lung Center

Dr. Bernd Haase
biotechrabbit GmbH, Hennigsdorf/Berlin

Dr. Markus Lankers
MIBIC GmbH & Co KG, Berlin

Dr. Konrad Sachse (chairperson)
Department of Bioinformatics, Friedrich Schiller University Jena; former Friedrich Loeffler Institute, Federal Animal Health Research Institute, Jena

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schwarz
Institute of Microbiology and Epizootics, Free University Berlin

Prof. Dr. Markus A. Weigand
Anesthesiology Clinic at the University Hospital Heidelberg