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AMR Conference 2023

The 7th AMR Conference 2023 in Basel will focus on the hot topic of novel antimicrobial agents and diagnostic methods to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Experts from around the world will gather to discuss the latest research and developments in this field. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to network and gain new perspectives to advance the global fight against AMR. The AMR Conference is a platform for SMEs, startups, big pharma, academia, investors and public institutions to discuss strategies and the specific challenges SMEs face in bringing new antimicrobial treatments and diagnostics to market.

The Research Campus together with its partners (fzmb GmbH, AID and Thüringer Clustermanagement) will be present with a booth and actively participate in the sessions "Biologics" and "Diagnostics".

Here is an overview of InfectoGnostics contributions to the conference:

Contributions AMR conference

Oral presentations

DAY . 16:00–17:30, ROOM Kairo
Session: Advancing the biological pipeline against AMR pathogens
chaired by: Bernhard Kerscher, Paul Ehrlich Institute (supervisor in the TIPAT ITN project)
Presentation by
Dominik Gary, Research Center for Medical Technology and Biotechnology

DAY 2, 15:00–16:00, Room Delhi
Session: Leveraging diagnostics to improve the development and appropriate use of antimicrobials
chaired by: Betsy Wonderly-Trainor, CARB-X
Presentation by Amir Nakar, MeMed (former PhD student at Leibniz-IPHT/FSU Jena)
Presentation by Theresa Liebe, Blink about the new BLINK X diagnosics platform  for microfluidic-free digital PCR


Poster presentations

Interspecies variability in antibiotics protein binding and bacterial growth in-vitro as basis for translational PK/PD studies
by Hifza Ahmed, Medical University Vienna (ESR in the TIPAT project)

A multiplex platform for the detection of antibiotic resistance
by Julia Beck-Nafz, GenID GmbH

Whole-Genome Sequencing for Genetic Characterization of Antimicrobial Resistance in Campylobacter jejuni
Isolated from Turkeys in Germany
by Hosny Hassan El Adawy, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute Jena

Molecular characterization of more than 700 different methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clones
by Dominik Gary, fzmb GmbH

RAMANMETRIX & RAMANBIOASSAY as a chip-based diagnostic System using Raman spectroscopy
by Olivia Treuheit, Biophotonics Diagnostics GmbH