Dyomics GmbH

With more than two decades of experience in the field of dye synthesis, the researchers and developers of Dyomics GmbH have an excellent scientific basis for the development of the most innovative products. Dyomics GmbH has challenged itself to develop new, tailor-made products for almost all areas of bioanalytics. However, that is not the company’s only objective. As a now established, science-based company, they are open to all aspects of dye chemistry and offer customised products for their customers. The product portfolio includes more than 50 different dyes for all sectors of the life sciences, ranging from laser dyes and indicator dyes to dyes with extremely large "Stokes shift" (distance between absorption and emission). The product range encompasses the entire range of visible light to the near infrared range. This sector represents a particular strength of Dyomics GmbH. In combination with a variety of activation options, this results in a portfolio of over 500 products.

Otto Schott-Straße 15
07745 Jena


InfectoGnostics partner in the field
Non-university institution (KMU)