Jena University Hospital

Jena University Hospital is the only university medicine location in Thuringia with a history of over 200 years. The tradition of medical teaching and research is even older still - as one of the founding faculties of University of Jena the medical faculty can look back on over 450 years of experience.

Today the university hospital is the biggest in the region, with over 4,800 members of staff. In the 27 clinics and polyclinics there are 1,400 beds which are used to treat 425,000 in and out patients annually.  With offers of high-end medicine, such as the transplantation centre, perinatal centre, interdisciplinary breast centre and the university tumour centre ensures that the Jena University Hospital has the maximum care for the region and far beyond. It is also a basic and standard care hospital for the city of Jena and the vicinity.

2,300 students of human, dental and molecular medicine are enrolled in the medical faculty. Scientists work not only in patient-specific clinical research but also in biomedical fundamental research at the 25 institutes and the University Hospital research groups.

Bachstraße 18
07743 Jena