Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology – Hans Knöll Institute (HKI)

Natural product mediators of biological communication are essential for life. They are involved in the formation of many infectious diseases and are amongst the most important sources for clinical drugs, in particular antibiotics. At the Hans Knöll Institute, Natural Product Research and Infection Biology are closely linked. The scientists at the HKI want to elucidate how microorganisms produce, on the one hand, virulence factors, and on the other, pharmacologically relevant substances. They are interested in the communication between microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, but also the interaction of pathogenic microorganisms - especially of fungi - with their host. New natural products from microorganisms are tested for their efficacy against infections; these results are used to chemically modify the natural products in a directed manner. Furthermore, strategies used by microorganisms to overcome the immune system will be investigated. These studies lay the groundwork for the future development of new diagnostics and intervention strategies, which are required urgently to fight soaring fungal infections and antibiotic resistance. This application-orientated fundamental research will advance the development of new natural product-based treatments.

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