nanozoo GmbH

Nanozoo offers services for sequence-based questions. For this, the team provides end-to-end analyses to automate the data-intensive biology from sample to report for the customer. Instead of cultures and microscopes, the start-up relies on data and code to provide better insight into the microbial world. To do this, it uses established algorithms, but also develops its own methods for bioinformatics analysis based on artificial intelligence. Nanozoo also specialises in curating extensive databases of microbial genomes and their phenotypes, comprising hundreds of thousands of data sets.

Nanozoo offers the following services:

  • Genome reconstruction of pathogens
  • Outbreak tracking
  • Metagenome and microbiome analyses
  • Biomarker design
  • RNA analyses

However, data and programme code are only valuable if one knows how to obtain comprehensive and reproducible results from them. The company therefore also offers targeted expert advice for a wide range of pathogen types (bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists and viruses).

nanozoo GmbH
Peterssteinweg 14
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