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On the basis of patented epignetic markers, oncgnostics is developing highly reliable molecularbiological tests for early diagnosis, therapeutic decisions and aftercare in cancer diagnosis.


  • Many cancers are still being discovered too late through a lack of unified markers and tests.
  • In the early diagnosis of cervical cancer the cytologic Pap-test on swabs is still the most common method ( 17m tests p.a.). Since its value depends strongly on subjective factors, over half of all women with diseases will be overlooked.
  • Tests on the cervical cancer-triggering papillomia virus (HPV) will mostly only be used in the clarification of more conspicuous Pap-smears. (0.8m tests p.a.) Their negative predictive value is high - women who are not contagious have no ailments. But: clinically relevant preliminary stages, or even cervical cancer, are only present in 10-15% of all HPV-positive women. Therefore a test system with a clear result for cancer as well as with correlated preliminary stages is urgently needed.


  • Epigenetic, based on DNA methylation molecular markers. DNA methylation constitutes a natural DNA chemical modification, which can cause mutation of genes, for example. Tumour tissue indicates specific DNA methylation partners are available for diagnosis.
  • oncgnostics has validated a set of markers for cervical cancer by means of best characterised, clinically relevant patient material. The subsequent test, GynTect® provides a reliable assessment, which requires invasive diagnosis and treatment for HPV-infected women.


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