X-CASE GmbH – Experts in Consulting and Software Engineering

X-Case GmbH provides integral solutions around the SAP®- product portfolio and also other organisation-wide IT applications.

Their business portfolio is comprehensive and comprises:

  • Consulting,
  • Intelligence,
  • System integration.
  • Software engineering and
  • Training

and with that create different surplus values for customers. As a spin-off of Ilmenau University of Technology, today they work closely together with universities and research facilities, whereby X-CASE participates in the newest scientific developments.

Based on many years of experience in the integration of different data sources, the automisation of data sources and analysis of big data, InfectoGnostics partners benefit from fast decision making and leading knowledge.

Albert-Einstein-Straße 3
98693 Ilmenau


InfectoGnostics partner in the field
Small and medium-sized enterprises

Participating partner in the InfectoGnostics project