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3rd International Forum on BioChips & BioChip Solutions

BioCHIP Berlin is an annual event focuses on technologies and applications of microfluidics in all related sectors. Our goal is to make this forum an event of innovation excellence, attractive to both industry and academia. Demonstrate expertise, see device up and running, and establish new contacts, the show floor will provide companies engaged in development on/and the use of microsystems to share and discuss their most recent findings and understandings of microfluidic platforms, fabrication techniques, system integration and emerging applications for life sciences.

Running concurrently to the exhibition is the technology conference. A broad array of scientific tracks will cover diverse topics and attract researchers and practicing engineers from different disciplines to interact and exchange their latest results.

Topic: BioChips & Solutions

  • Micro- and Nanofluidic systems and components.
  • Lab-on-a-chip.
  • Organ-, body- and disease-on-a-chip systems.
  • Microarrays.
  • Biosensors, BioMEMS/NEMS.
  • Digital microfluidics, droplet and multiphase microfluidics.
  • Integrated microfluidic-based platforms.
  • Miniaturized and portable microfluidic systems.
  • Microfluidic tools for High-throughput applications.
  • Microfluidic automation.

Topic: Fabrication

  • Novel developments in Micro/Nano fabrication methods and processes.
  • Nano-Micro-lithography.
  • Polymer-based micromachining.
  • 3D printing.
  • Device design, modeling and simulation.
  • Advanced materials.
  • Modular manufacturing strategy.
  • Scaling, yield improvement, rapid prototyping, and high volume production.
  • Inspection and testing, process control.
  • Assembly and packaging.

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