Centre for Applied Research in Jena
Centre for Applied Research in Jena

The BMBF-funded research campus initiative relies on the concept of a binding public-private partnership in which researchers, industrial developers and clinical practitioners come together directly "under one roof" and arrive at market-ready solutions for complex research questions through trans- and interdisciplinary cooperation.

In the InfectoGnostics research campus at the Jena Centre for Applied Research (ZAF), this concept is already being implemented in an exemplary manner to quickly arrive at new diagnostic approaches that can be used to quickly determine pathogens and their drug resistances. InfectoGnostics research at ZAF is characterized by:


  • over 1,000 square metres of laboratory and office space 
  • direct connection to the neighbouring Institute for Physical Chemistry
  • central location for meetings, symposia and daily work in collaborative projects
  • joint use of research infrastructure (e.g. photonic instruments, S2 laboratories)

Interdisciplinary research for rapid translation           

  • Modular and open technology platforms for continuous improvement and adaptation by different partners
  • Clinical expertise flows directly into technology development
  • Pipeline concept for a continuous value chain

Committed partnership as a PPP

  • Partnership as equals with clear cooperation agreements
  • Joint decision-making, committees with equal representation, clear governance