A Strong Network

InfectoGnostics is a member of:

While implementing the Thuringian Innovation Strategy the Research Campus is working in close cooperation with the Thuringian ClusterManagement (ThCM) of the State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG).


InfectoGnostics is strongly rooted in the research landscape of Thuringia and regionally and nationally connected with other research institutions:


Everything under one roof
InfectoGnostics has more than 1,000 square metres of laboratory and office space with the most modern equipment in the Centre for Applied Research and the adjacent Institute of Physical Chemistry at the University of Jena.

The research campus is an innovation hub where researchers from various disciplines and organisations can exchange ideas and work together. Concepts developed here are later tested by users involved in the project and turned into products by the participating firms. In addition to scientific projects, education and youth development are key components of the research strategy. The InfectoGnostics research campus is a Jena-based digital innovation hub for the Life Sciences.

The InfectoGnostics research topics are incorporated into existing initiatives, such as in the DFG Excellence Graduate School Jena School for Microbial Communication (JSMC), the Carl Zeiss Graduate School for Optical Spectroscopic Cell Diagnostics and the Abbe School of Photonics (ASP). New measures relating to education and training include the InfectoGnostics  programme DiagnosTech Academy, in which research on medical and technology issues is being discussed. In addition, a Master of Science in Medical Photonics has been established at the university of Jena.

The research campus is funded by the BMBF and with resources from the Free State of Thuringia. About half of the required budget is financed by the participating partners from research and industry.