What does it mean to be a “partner” in the campus?

At The InfectoGnostics Research Campus Jena, we leverage a unique blend of clinical, academic, and industry expertise to advance the field of infection diagnostics, with a strong focus on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Sepsis. Our collaborative public-private partnership model facilitates the integration of best practice examples, enhancing diagnostic methodologies and outcomes.

We offer access to cutting-edge photonics and molecular technology, including open technology diagnostic platforms, ensuring that our partners are equipped with the latest tools and innovations in the field.

We are actively seeking:
- Connections with stakeholders in healthcare, particularly those specializing in diagnostics and analytics.
- Research collaborations across both academia and industry to drive forward innovative projects.
- Opportunities for technology transfer and translational projects that can bring new diagnostic solutions from the lab to the clinic.

Join us in our mission to revolutionize infection diagnostics and improve patient care through innovative research and collaborative partnerships.

  • Being informed about current requests for proposals at the research campus
  • Support by the research campus office from the project idea to the final report
  • Invitations to events, workshops and training at the campus and the integrated and adjacent networks.

Can I also receive information without submitting a project straight away?


How do I apply for a position with one of the projects?

Send the application to the office and we will forward it directly to the responsible person in the project. In any case, employment proceeds through the respective project partners.

Must my company or institution be headquartered in Jena in order to participate?

No. The InfectoGnostics Research Campus is a Jena initiative, but you can participate in InfectoGnostics projects as an external partner.

How can I become a member of the association?

If you would like to play an active part in the association, you can obtain more information from the office.

What is a research campus?

A research campus is a public-private partnership. It brings together expertise and research activities from industrial and public research in one place, if possible on the campus of a university or research institution ("industry on campus").