The molecular diagnosis of life-threatening infections has been a growing research field for several years. The emphasis is on pathogen diagnosis and the monitoring of immune functions to identify the specific host response to an infection. A large group of patients cannot yet benefit from the advances in this area. In immunosuppressed patients, e.g. after organ and stem cell transplants or congenital immunodeficiencies, it is currently very difficult to diagnose  infectious complications early in the postoperative period based on immunological parameters. But it is precisely these patients who are at increased risk for such infections.

The aim of the subproject is the establishment of gene expression diagnostics as new diagnostic parameters for this particular patient population. The central focus is on providing an automated and patient-oriented PoC platform as a requirement for the use of the assay and thus to ensure a rapid analysis. After adaptation of potential assays, the solutions found can be transferred to other patient cohorts.

This research project is part of the campus project "Pneumonia in Immunosuppression"

Project duration
01.02.2015 – 31.01.2020

Project coordination
Analytik Jena AG