In this project, the detection of pathogenic fungi using non-coding RNA components will be investigated.

Not all components of RNA actually encode proteins. However, these inactive parts of the nucleic acids could serve as markers for the early diagnosis of fungal infections. We have already identified the first marker genes for the early detection of human pathogenic fungal diseases such as aspergillosis and candidosis. Within the scope of this project, the detection with such markers is now being verified and tested in clinical studies on patients.

Partners involved:

  •     Friedrich Schiller University Jena
  •     European Virus Bioinformatics Center (EVBC)
  •     Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology - Hans Knöll Institute (HKI)

The bioinformatic research of non-coding RNA components is part of the DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centre / Transregio 124 "Pathogenic Fungi and their Human Host: Networks of Interaction - FungiNet" coordinated by Leibniz-HKI.