Raman spectroscopy has already proved its effectiveness in many cases for medical diagnostics such as for cancer, cardiovascular diseases and infections. However, there are currently no miniaturised and low-cost Raman spectroscopy systems that could be used in routine laboratory diagnostics or in clinical in vivo diagnosis of patient samples.

Therefore, the focus of the subproject "Development of a portable Raman spectroscopy system for point-of-care diagnostics in hospital" or simply "Raman2GO" is the exploration of a miniaturised and low-cost Raman spectroscopy system with both universal and mobile usability for providing answers to medical issues. For this purpose it is necessary that the operation of the device can be carried out without any special technical knowledge and that the quality of the results correspond to those of conventional laboratory diagnostics. The particular advantage of direct use on-site is that sample transport is minimised and the analytical results are available immediately.

The efficiency of the researched system will be evaluated in terms of fast, efficient and reliable diagnosis of pneumonia in immunosuppression.

This research project is part of the campus project "Pneumonia in Immunosuppression"

Project duration
01.02.2015 – 31.01.2020

Project coordination
Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology (IPHT)