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Metagenomic adventures with nanopore sequencing – New insights

Fermentation processes have long played an essential role in the generation of energy from renewable materials. Yet, most of the microorganisms required for these processes are still unknown or cannot be cultivated. Progress in sequencing methods based on nanopores could, provide a promising…

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DxPx - Diagnostics and Research Tools Hybrid Partnering Conference

 Partnering conference exclusively designed for  companies and investors in AI-/digital diagnostics, digital health and research tools. Meet your partner at DxPx.

More information and registration at: https://dxpx-conference.com

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Women in Photonics 2020

The virtual workshop “Women in Photonics“ aims at connecting excellent female scientists at the beginning of their ­career with experts in photonics holding leading positions at research institutions and companies. The focus of this year’s workshop will be on:

  • Biophotonics such as vibrational…
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International Virus Bioinformatics Meeting 2020

The meeting is organized by European Virus Bioinformatics Centre

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Workshop: Taking a different approach to discussing healthcare and photonics

a workshop organized in association with Catharina Hospital Eindhoven and Technobis.

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S2 Security Briefing (ZAF employees only)

The last security briefing for work area S2 in the ZAF will take place on 24.09.2020 at 10.15 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. in the seminar room on the ground floor of the CEEC (Philosophenweg 7A) and online.

Up to 10 persons can participate on site. Please register via e-mail at christin.weber@infectognos…

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AMR Conference (virtual conference)

InfectoGnostics will present newest developments in diagnostics on pathogens with antimicrobial resistance

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Unhide the Champions – Online Partnering Conference

UNHIDE THE CHAMPIONS brings together young technology developers from all over Europe with innovation-seeking companies, innovative clinicians, experienced investors and other players in the healthcare industry from (East) Germany.
The target groups are researching and developing companies looking…

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German Corona Showcase: Virtual eVent, Webinar and Partnering

The first virtual BIO Deutschland eVent with webinar programme and virtual one-to-one partnering will be held in June. The programme will discuss the current research efforts, the administrative handling of the current crisis and the impact of the pandemics on companies that carry out corona-related…

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