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Metagenomic adventures with nanopore sequencing – New insights

Fermentation processes have long played an essential role in the generation of energy from renewable materials. Yet, most of the microorganisms required for these processes are still unknown or cannot be cultivated. Progress in sequencing methods based on nanopores could, provide a promising approach for monitoring microbial communities through metagenomic approaches.

However, analyzing the data sets generated and establishing a reliable sequencing pipeline still poses some challenges for researchers. In this DiagnosTech lecture, Dr. Christian Brandt (University Hospital Jena, UKJ) is presenting new research approaches in the field of application-oriented metagenomics. For example, at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences he has established a reliable protocol for metagenomic DNA isolation for nanopore sequencing and various bioinformatic pipelines for cloud computing. It was used to examine samples from 20 different biogas and wastewater plants to characterize the microbial community of bacteria and archaea.

Find more informationen on research of Dr. Brandt (CaSe Group - Cloud computing and sequencing ) here.

Place: Online event [after registration]

Speaker: Dr. Christian Brandt (UKJ)

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