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TIPAT / DiagnosTech lecture on "Biofilms"

Lecture by Dr. Oliwia Makarewicz from Jena University Hospital

The next DiagnosTech lecture is a joint event with TIPAT webinar and will take place on December 6, 14:00-15:00 h CET. Dr. Oliwia Makarewicz will introduce the mechanisms of biofilm formation and maintenance, as well as the clinical relevance and consequences. Use the registration link to sign up:

Biofilms are usually sessile microbial communities embedded in a self-produced polymeric matrix made of proteins, polysaccharides and extracellular DNA. Environmental and/or host compounds are included in the matrix in natural biofilms. As this is the preferred life form of microorganisms, biofilms are supposed to accompany almost all bacterial infections, but some specific diseases have particularly a biofilm focus (e.g., foreign-body infections, endocarditis or osteomyelitis). The matrix protects the embedded microbes against external stress factors, such as disinfectants or antibiotics or immune defense. Thus, biofilm-associated infections are difficult to treat and often result in relapse and high mortality.

This lecture aims to introduce to you the mechanisms of biofilm formation and maintenance as well as the clinical relevance and consequences. The lecture will also give insights into our research on strategies to combat biofilms, e.g., by nanoparticle-encapsulated antimicrobials, bacteriophages, or tailored antimicrobial therapies. Different standards but also innovative techniques, how to quantify or visualise the effectiveness of therapeutics against or in biofilms that we use or that will be established in our laboratory in the next year will be demonstrated and discussed.

This webinar is organized together by the EU project TIPAT and InfectoGnostics and Jena University Hospital.