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Importance of RNA Secondary Structures in (RNA) Viruses

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Viruses, especially RNA viruses, have relatively small genomes that still contain many different regulatory elements, including RNA secondary structures. By means of nucleotide-nucleotide interactions, such secondary structures can enable the RNA molecule to form coiled and distinct structures that fulfill essential regulatory functions (e.g. guidance of splice-events).

This talk will outline the general principles of RNA secondary structures and discuss some examples of important structures in RNA viruses.
In addition, cases will be examined in which mutations of a viral genome do not cause changes in the underlying protein sequence, but viral replication is still significantly decreased. Another topic of the talk will be the computational detection and characterisation of RNA secondary structures using thermodynamic and covariance models. Current limitations and challenges and how some of them can be circumvented – e.g. using information from in vitro experiments – will round off the journey into the field of RNA secondary structures.

Speaker: Kevin Lamkiewicz / FSU Jena/EVBC

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