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IPHT Colloquium: "Translational Biophotonics in Munich – Photodiagnosis (PD) and Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)"

The Laser Research Laboratory (LFL) at LMU Munich is researching and developing optical technologies and tries to quickly translate them into clinical applications. This way, the LFL supports a large number of medical disciplines and tries to improve the medical care in direct collaboration with the clinicians.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Munich has been a centre of photodynamic therapy (PDT). This form of therapy is fighting tumor by bringing initially non-toxic but photosensible substances to the diseased tissue and then activating them with light of a specific wavelength. Reactive oxygen species and other toxic substances then can specifically attack the tumor, while the surrounding tissue is spared. The combination of accurate photodiagnostics and photodynamic therapy has thus become a promising and challenging approach to selective tumor localization and treatment.

The lecture will present the ongoing LFL activities in PD and PDT with regard to applications in neurosurgery and urology.

Prof. Dr. Ronald Sroka
Leiter des LFL, LIFE-Center, Department of Urology, Hospital of University Munic, Campus Großhadern