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Berthold Leibinger Innovation Award: InfectoGnostics researchers honoured for rapid resistance test

The Jena scientists Prof. Ute Neugebauer and Prof. Juergen Popp were awarded the 3rd prize of the Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis 2018 for their light-based method for the rapid determination of antibiotic resistance.

Time is always a decisive factor in clinical applications - this applies in particular to the treatment of severe infections, e.g. sepsis. All too often, physicians in intensive care units have to treat 'blind' with broad-spectrum antibiotics, as they are initially unable to determine the pathogen or any antimicrobial resistance that may be present. An early diagnosis is the basis for a reliable therapy decision and saves lives. The light-based method of the research team led by Prof. Ute Neugebauer and Prof. Juergen Popp offers a fast, cost-effective alternative to the previously time-consuming microbiological pathogen diagnostics. The Lab-on-a-Chip system is the result of close cooperation at the interface of photonics, medicine, microfluidics and system integration at the Leibniz Institute for Photonic Technologies (Leibniz-IPHT) and at the Center for Sepsis Control and Care (CSCC) of the University Hospital Jena (UKJ).