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InfectoGnostics Clinician Interviewed: Precision Medicine 2.0

The right treatment for the right patient at the right time - this approach of "precision medicine" is increasingly being used in the prevention of infections and sepsis. In an interview with the "Infectious Diseases Hub", Prof. Mathias Pletz, leading infectiologist at the University Hospital of Jena and member of the extended InfectoGnostics Board of Directors, explains how such an approach for evidence-based medicine 2.0 could look like.

Prof. Mathias Pletz (photo: UKJ)

The close link between diagnostics and therapy is one of the cornerstones of modern precision medicine in order to effectively combat infections and antibiotic resistance. In this interview, Prof. Mathias Pletz explains the opportunities offered by such an approach and the diagnostic challenges that must be mastered in order to make even better use of such individualized therapies in the future.

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