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InfectoGnostics and Partners at 7th AMR Conference in Basel

From March 16-17, InfectoGnostics partners presented current research results and product innovations in the field of infection diagnostics at the 7th AMR Conference in Basel

Back row, from the left: Amir Nakar (company MEMED, Israel); Britta Wlotzka (Thüringer Clustermanagement); Julia Beck-Nafz (GenID); Rosemarie Preyer (AID Autoimmun Diagnostika GmbH AID); Sybille Demmler (Leibniz Health Technologies / Leibniz Gesundheitstechnologien); Olivia Treuheit (Biophotonics Diagnostics GmbH); Hosny El-Adawy (Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut); Jens Hellwage (InfectoGnostics/ Leibniz Gesundheitstechnologien). Front row, from left: Theresa Liebe (BLINK AG), Christin Weber (InfectoGnostics).

The annual AMR Conference, organized in collaboration with the BEAM Alliance (Biotech companies from Europe innovating in Anti-Microbial resistance research), a pan-European alliance of SMEs fighting antimicrobial resistance (AMR), focuses on the development of novel antimicrobial agents, as well as innovative diagnostic methods. The participation of experts from universities, start-ups, SMEs, big pharma, public institutions, and investors makes the conference an important platform to address the challenges and strategies in the development and market introduction of new anti-infectives. Discussions focused on funding startups, incentives for market entry, as well as partnerships to improve collaboration.

The InfectoGnostics research campus was present with its partners INTER-ARRAY by fzmb GmbH, BLINK AG, AID Autoimmun Diagnostika GmbH, Biophotonics Diagnostics, the Friedrich Loeffler Institute, as well as the Thuringian Cluster Management and Leibniz Health Technologies. At the joint exhibition stand, the audience was informed about current diagnostic concepts and research strategies in infection diagnostics. In addition, an exchange with a delegation of British companies at the InfectoGnostics booth was organized by the agencies Innovate UK and AMR Insights.

In the conference program, scientists actively participated with presentations and posters:
Dominik Gary from INTER-ARRAY by fzmb GmbH presented an innovative microarray platform in the session "Advancing the biological pipeline against AMR pathogens", which enables the rapid determination of the vaccination status of humans and animals.

In the session “Leveraging diagnostics to improve the development and appropriate use of antimicrobials”, Dr. Theresa Liebe from campus partner BLINK AG presented the BLINK X diagnostic platform, which enables multiplexing of different pathogens and determination of their antibiotic resistance genes via a microfluidic-free PCR. At the InfectoGnostics booth, the scientist provided insights into the technology using a BLINK X device and was available to answer further questions.

Furthermore, scientists from the Friedrich Loeffler Institute (Dr. Hosny Hassan El Adawy), Biophotonics Diagnostics GmbH (Olivia Treuheit), and GenID GmbH/AID Autoimmun Diagnostika GmbH (Julia Beck-Nafz) also presented their research contributions in the poster session.

We thank the organizers bamconn and BEAM Alliance, as well as all partners involved, and look forward to attending the 8th AMR Conference next year in Basel, March 06-07, 2024.