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Hong-Kong Firm invests in Jena-Based Ongnostics GmbH

The Hong Kong-based company Grande Bio-tech Co. Ltd. is making a multi-million Euros investment in the Jena-based diagnostic company Oncgnostics GmbH. Oncgnostics – an InfectoGnostics partner – has developed the cancer diagnostic Gyntect for the reliable detection of cervical cancer. The goal now is to expand the distribution of tests developed by Oncgnostics in the ASEAN countries.

[Translate to English:] Das Gyntect-Testkit der Firma oncgnostics: Mit dem epigenetischen Test lassen sich Krebsvorstufen früh erkennen.
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The partnership between Jena-based Oncgnostics GmbH and Hong Kong-based Grande Bio-tech Co Ltd has taken a significant step forward with a substantial investment. The partnership between the two companies is expected to bring important advances in the early detection and treatment of cancer across Asia.  Oncgnostics GmbH, a member of the InfectoGnostics research campus in Jena, is thus expanding the international marketing of its innovative cancer diagnosis kit "Gyntect", which was developed for the reliable detection of cervical cancer. Since its launch in China in 2022, where it is known as GongAnLi, Gyntect has been successfully established on the market. Grande Bio-tech Co Ltd is responding by providing multi-million dollar funding to enable the expansion of oncgnostics diagnostic testing in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries. 

A significant milestone in China

Oncgnostics received regulatory approval for Gyntect in China in 2022, following years of collaboration with a local partner. Dr Alfred Hansel, Managing Director of oncgnostics and responsible for international business development, highlighted the rarity of such an approval, noting: "Not every medical product receives approval in China. We have done it. Now the next step is to expand our presence across Asia, a journey made possible by strong partners." Grande Bio-tech Co Ltd, led by Managing Director Mr Hu Mu, stands poised to play a critical role in promoting early detection of cancer in the region.

bm-t and HTGF enable mega-deal

Michael Thiele, Senior Investment Manager at bm-t, Beteiligungsmanagement Thüringen GmbH, expressed pride in Oncgnostics' global reach, saying, "Oncgnostics is an outstanding example of Thuringian companies operating on a global scale. That's why we are expanding our engagement, especially with regard to pipeline product development." Dr Bernd Goergen, Partner at HTGF, High-Tech Gründerfonds, reiterated their support for Oncgnostics' technology during the financing round.

The impact of Gyntect

Gyntect is a swab test that accurately determines within a few hours whether there is a precancerous condition or a tumor on the cervix. "With this test we are able to make quick and reliable assessments of a potential cancer condition. The usual months-long uncertainty until follow-up examinations is eliminated," said Dr. Martina Schmitz, CEO and Scientific Director of Oncgnostics. At the same time, if there is an elevated cancer risk or cancer diagnosis, treatment can be initiated more promptly. The test detects changes in the genetic material of cells and does not require invasive tissue sampling.