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Research campus workshop: InfectoGnostics and M²OLIE strive for joint projects

The two BMBF-funded research campuses InfectoGnostics and M²OLIE (Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment) met in early February for a joint workshop in Jena. The focus was on research approaches of the campi, which could complement each other. Discussions included the combination of different photonic methods in surgical diagnostics and the automation of tests for the determination of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

As public-private partnerships within the nationwide ResearchCampus funding initiative, M²OLIE and InfectoGnostics are aiming for cross-campus collaborations. The two research campuses share a common focus on medical applications: while InfectoGnostics researches new diagnostic point-of-care technologies in the field of infectiology, the Mannheim campus is dedicated to personalized cancer diagnosis and therapy and its integration into robot-based assistance systems.
On February 1, 2018, a team from the Mannheim research campus M²OLIE visited the InfectoGnostics Forschungscampus Jena. In a joint workshop at the Leibniz Institute for Photonic Technologies (Leibniz IPHT), cooperation between the two research campuses was initiated. Already in January of last year, the talks on a possible cooperation started and have now been intensified. In Jena, the research priorities of the two campuses have now been presented to each other in a personal exchange and possible points of contact discussed.
InfectoGnostics presented the research and development of campus partners in the field of multimodal cell diagnostics, sample preparation and fiber optic spectroscopy. In a guided tour at the Leibniz IPHT, the guests from Mannheim were shown, among other things, the institute's own fiber towers. This allows the drawing of optical fibers that can be adapted in construction and cross section specifically for medical applications.
M²OLIE presented projects in the field of biomedical mass spectrometry (HS Mannheim), the transfer of metrology into clinical and biotechnological applications (Fraunhofer PAMB) and the gold nanoparticles for imaging (UMM, molecular imaging). Following the productive meeting, four teams were formed for further exploration and are now entering into the details of the collaboration.