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Future with biotechnology: InfectoGnostics at the Unternehmer:innentag 2023 of BIO Deutschland

Entrepreneurs from the innovative biotechnology sector entered into an exchange with politicians at the Unternehmer:innentag 2023 of BIO Deutschland e.V. in Berlin on July 5, 2023.

Diskussionspanel mit Staatssekretär Udo Philipp vom BMWK und Unternehmer:innen
Teilnehmende des Panels "Politische Strategien national gemacht und regional gedacht?" [Bildrechte: Biodeutschland/Cakal]

On July 5, 2023, entrepreneurs from the innovative biotechnology industry met in Berlin-Mitte to exchange ideas with representatives of politics. At this event, they presented their business models and discussed the political framework conditions as well as the obstacles they face. The InfectoGnostics Research Campus Jena/Thuringian Innovation Cluster also participated, in particular to discuss the framework conditions for innovation processes on a regional level.

After introductory impulses on the importance of entrepreneurs for the sustainable shaping of the future through biotechnology and on success factors of innovative start-ups, the entrepreneurs exchanged ideas with each other and with politicians in three panel discussions:

  •     Biotechnology business models: framework conditions for cutting-edge technology
  •     Political strategies made nationally and thought regionally?
  •     Germany as a location for innovation: Political course-setting future-oriented and helpful?

In the second panel, InfectoGnostics Managing Director Dr. Jens Hellwage discussed regional strategies and factors for supporting innovations in biotechnology with the panelists:

Policy Strategies Made Nationally and Thought Regionally?
The Future Strategy is a national umbrella strategy that bundles goals of many other strategies. Currently, 153 strategies and strategy-like measures are listed and how they relate to the Future Strategy. However, the German states are also pursuing their own approaches in order to position themselves with their clusters in national and international competition. What is the relationship between such approaches? Which support measures have the greater impact for companies? Where are multi-pronged strategy approaches a hindrance?

On the panel:

  •     Iris Plöger, BDI (moderator)
  •     Dr. Anna Eichhorn, Humatrix
  •     Dr. Andreas Schmidt, Singleron Biotechnologies
  •     Dr. Jens Hellwage, InfectoGnostics research campus Jena
  •     Prof. Dr. Ralf Huss, BioM Biotech Cluster Development