The availability of adequate and well-characterised samples is an essential prerequisite for the clinical establishment of market-ready diagnostics.

Therefore, the objective of the project is to develop a well-characterised cohort of at least 1,000 patients in order to have a basis for the development of a PoC test procedure from samples not obtained from bronchoscopy.

The cohort should comprise at least 700 immunosuppressed patients, 200 patients suffering from opportunistic pneumonia and an age-adapted control group of 100 healthy subjects. In addition to the recruitment and clinical description of the patient cohort, the subproject also includes immune monitoring in terms of numeration, phenotyping and functional analysis of leukocyte subpopulations as well as recording serological parameters such as number of immunoglobulins (antibodies), activating and suppressive cytokines (chemical messengers) in the blood.

After the cohort has been successfully established, it can be used by the partners of the association.

This research project is part of the campus project "Pneumonia in Immunosuppression"

Project duration
01.02.2015 – 31.01.2020

Project coordination

University Hospital Jena