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InfectoGnostics and Partner Nanozoo at DMEA 2023 fair in Berlin

From April 25 to 27, the Digital Medical Expertise & Applications (DMEA), Europe's largest trade fair event in the field of digitalized healthcare, was held in Berlin. Our research campus partner Nanozoo presented itself with an appearance at the Thuringian joint booth.

Thüringen-Stand auf der DMEA 2023 mit dem InfectoGnostics-Partner Nanozoo

More than 700 exhibitors and 16,000 trade fair visitors from science, business, medicine and politics convened in Berlin to exchange ideas about innovative products and services for the digital transformation of healthcare and nursing. This included software solutions for diagnostics and therapy, health data archiving and analysis, interoperability and IT security, as well as digital health applications (DiGA, e.g. apps for smartwatches and smartphones).

A particular focus of this year's DMEA was on the electronic patient record (ePA), the concept for which is currently being developed by the National Agency for Digital Medicine (gematik). In a separate discussion panel, patient representatives advocated the continued use of data stored in the ePA for research purposes to improve patient care in the long term, but also emphasized the need for all-encompassing education of the public about the benefits and risks of the ePA. The DMEA also reported on this in detail in its news blog.

Nanozoo GmbH, a partner from the InfectoGnostics research campus in Jena, presented itself in the Thuringian pavilion. The young bioinformatics company specializes in the analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data. Nanozoo and other campus partners are participating in the BMBF-funded research network AVATAR, which deals with novel anonymization methods of health data in order to make them usable for research and development in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO). Sequence data and other health data will be examined for their suitability for anonymization in order to use them for infection research (e.g. spread of antibiotic resistance).

Next year, the DMEA will again take place in the Berlin exhibition halls from April 9-11.