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DiagnosTech-Pitch: Lung-on-chip models and their medical use (Dynamic 42)

In the DiagnosTech-Pitch by InfectoGnostics, Dr. Knut Rennert (CEO of the Dynamic42 GmbH) will present a lung-on-chip model and its use to investigate microbial pathogenesis, host responses to infections and efficacy of possible treatments.

Dynamic42 GmbH (D42) was founded in spring 2018 in Jena and is currently located at the BioInstrumenteCenter on the Beutenberg Campus Jena. The company is a spin-off of the University Hospital Jena. D42 mainly develops and markets three-dimensional, human organ models (e.g. liver, intestine, lung) for preclinical research and development as well as for testing of novel pharmaceutical products and chemicals.

In the field of organ-on-chip technology, D42 is specialized in the integration of tissue-resident as well as circulating components of the immune system, which play a significant role in the occurrence of side effects and has been neglected by industry and in two-dimensional standard test systems so far. The platform enables toxicity screenings and ADME studies already in preclinical phases before animal experimentation on complex, microphysiological models of human organs. In addition, D42 develops immunocompetent human disease models in their chip platform both internally and with external cooperation partners –especially in areas where poor or no animal models exist. 

Date: 30.09.2022 | 2 - 3 pm
Place: online via ZOOM
Language: english