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DiagnosTech-Pitch: Flexible Processing of Medical Data – Workflow Concepts for the AVATAR Project (Navimatix GmbH)

DiagnosTech-Pitch der Navimatix GmbH zum AVATAR-Projekt

In this DiagnosTech-Pitch, Dr. Florian Rasche (Navimatix GmbH) – a partner within the InfectoGnostics Research Campus – will present how modern software technologies can improve medical research and diagnostics development. In particular, Dr. Rasche will introduce new workflow concepts for data anonymization in the health sector that will be developed within the new BMBF-funded AVATAR project with partners all over Thuringia.

The AVATAR project aims to create tailored datasets for medical studies or medical device trials which ensure that specific measurements can no longer be traced back to the original patient. To achieve this goal, Navimatix will recombine existing data available in clinical databases and use a distributed service-oriented architecture.   Developing such a service-oriented architecture is beneficial for device manufacturers that previously might have built their software as a single monolithic application. This new architecture offers improvements for replacements of control software, data analysis or storage and leads to more up-to-date implementations. Hence, new features like device management in the cloud or allowing data access via a web interface would also be easier to realize. These new approaches developed in the AVATAR project can also be transferred to other lab data workflows, enabling reliable and reproducible analyses of sensitive data.

Speaker: Dr. Florian Rasche, Navimatix GmbH
Time: 2 - 3 pm | online via ZOOM
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