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DiagnosTech Lecture: Using high-throughput analysis to understand RNA-RNA interactions of Influenza

Computer-generated rendering of a half-sliced influenza (flu) virus.
A 3D computer-generated rendering of a half-sliced influenza (flu) virus. Inside the virus, its ribonucleoproteins (RNPs) are shown, with their coiled structures, and three-bulbed polymerase complex on the ends.

As a segmented RNA virus, Influenza is a frequently changing its genome. Each year, this leads to pandemic strains and continuous efforts to adapt  vaccines to newly emerging antigens of Influenza. To improve the understanding of this antigenic diversity, researchers from the European Virus Bioinformatics Center (EVBC) are analysing the specific RNA-RNA interactions that play an essential role in the packaging and the corresponding selective reassortment of Influenza (A) genomes.

In this lecture, EVBC scientist Gabriel Lencioni Lovate will present "RNAswarm", a new software pipeline that is expanding the scope of high-throughput analyses of RNA-RNA interactions. In particular, RNAswarm allows for statistically comparing the frequency of RNA interactions among different strains or experimental settings. Thus, RNAswarm offers virologists an automated and consistent method for prioritising and comparing the RNA-RNA interactions, a time-consuming job prone to individual biases when performed manually.

Event in cooperation with European Virus Bioinformatics Center: EVBC and ITN TIPAT

Speaker: Gabriel Lencioni Lovate, European Virus Bioinformatics Center: EVBC
Date: 29 April 2022, 14:00, Online-Meeting
Registration for this ZOOM meeting  here